Development Applications, Regulations and Maps

Our new online application system is now available: If you have questions about using the new system, or if you are not sure what to apply for, please contact Megan Pilla, Principal Development Planner (860-647-3288), or Katie Williford, Administrative Secretary (860-647-3048).



Amendments to Zoning Regulations:

Description Approved Effective Additional Information
PROPOSED: To allow a higher density of dwelling units in the PRD zone by special exception, if the total number of bedrooms does not exceed 20 per acre    

Proposed Text(PDF, 539KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 824KB)

To permit a limited exception to the maximum signage limitation for medical services  5/6/24  5/28/24

Proposed Text(PDF, 134KB)

Narrative(PDF, 806KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 1MB)

To allow the conversion of vacant school buildings to multi-family residential  3/18/24  4/8/24

Approved Text(PDF, 174KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 364KB)

Cannabis Transporter as a special exception use in the Industrial zone  1/17/24  2/7/24

 Proposed Text(PDF, 699KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 368KB)

For compliance with PA 22-25 and 23-142  11/6/23  11/27/23  Proposed Text(PDF, 5MB)



Sidewalk Plan Update

In accordance with Article IV, Section 279-31 of the Town of Manchester Code of Ordinances, the required 5-year update to the Sidewalk & Curb Plan is in process.

Current Sidewalk & Curb Plan(PDF, 162KB)

DRAFT 2024 update to Sidewalk & Curb Plan(PDF, 11MB)  

A public hearing on the draft update to the Plan is scheduled for the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on April 1, 2024 at 7:00pm.


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