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Welcome to the Sustainable Manchester Business Resources page! Click around the topics of Energy, Purchasing, Environmental Conservation, Transportation, Waste, and Water to learn about how you can incorporate sustainable practices into your business. For more resources on ways businesses can become more sustainable, check out EPA resources for small businesses


Sustainability in energy use is an effective way for commercial businesses to reduce operational costs and enhance long-term profitability while mitigating environmental impact. Sustainable energy practices can also bolster a company's reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers and investors.


 Follow the link above to find information on Energy Strategies for the C-Suite from Harvard Business Review.   



Click the image above to go to Eversource's website and find information on their no-cost no-obligation business energy audit. 


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Follow the link above to find information on the CT Sustainable Business Council.  


Eco-friendly sustainable purchasing is important for commercial businesses as it not only demonstrates corporate responsibility, but also helps in minimizing the environmental footprint of their supply chains, reducing risk associated with resource scarcity. Sustainable purchasing can also foster brand loyalty in an increasingly eco-aware consumer landscape. 

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Click the image above to be redirected to Green Seal's website, which offers a directory of environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products and services.   



Click the Energy Star logo above to find information on sustainable appliances, incentives for going green, and programs offered to make your business more sustainable. 


Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing_page-0001.jpg(PDF, 873KB)                                                       

Click the image above to open a PDF of EPA's "Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing."         


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Follow the above link to EPA's website to learn more about purchasing greener products and services. 


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Click the image above to be redirected to a PDF of Energy Star's lightbulb purchasing guide.  

Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is important for commercial businesses to consider as it safeguards access to natural resources, such as clean water and raw materials, which are fundamental for many industries. 

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Ensure that your business is compliant with the Clean Air Act. Click the button above to be redirected to EPA's Clean Air Act summary. The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides an array of resources to help small businesses understand and comply with federal and state environmental laws. In addition to helping small businesses understand their environmental obligations and improve compliance, these resources will also help such businesses find cost-effective ways to comply through pollution prevention techniques and innovative technologies. Click here to see the U.S. EPA Small Business Resources Information Sheet(PDF, 249KB)


Sustainable transportation is important for businesses to consider because it can lead to cost savings through reduced fuel consumption and maintenance expenses, ultimately improving the company's bottom line. Embracing sustainable transportation options can enhance the business's reputation and appeal to eco-conscious consumers and partners. 

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EV Charger at Buckley Elementary School in Manchester

  • Encourage/incentive carpooling and electric vehicle (EV) use in your place of work by...
    • Installing EV charging stations in the parking lot to make EVs more appealing and accessible to employees.
    • Organizing an on-site carpool sign-up event for employees.
    • Providing incentives to employees who carpool or bike/walk to work.
    • Reserving parking spots close to the building entrance(s) for carpoolers.


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Click the Department of Energy logo above to be redirected to information about the benefits and considerations of EV. 


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Commuters who want to avoid traffic congestion and save on commuting costs can leave their cars in commuter parking lots while they use carpools, vanpools, buses or trains for their trips to work. Click the DOT logo above for a list of park and ride (commuter lot) locations in CT. 


Commercial businesses may want to consider sustainable waste management practices as they can reduce disposal costs and unlock potential revenue streams through recycling and waste-to-energy initiatives. Sustainable waste management also demonstrates a company's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Food Waste

Food donation myths debunked with Top Chef Tom Colicchio!


Image of Food Waste Reduction Made Easy cover page


Connecticut Wasted Food Resources


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Business Recycling Assistance


Water conservation is important for commercial businesses to mitigate the risk of water scarcity, potential supply disruptions, and rising utility costs, which can have a direct impact on operational expenses and profitability.  

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Click the link above to check out the Green Business Bureau's 20 tips to reduce water usage for businesses. 


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Click the link above to ensure that your business is compliant with the Clean Water Act. 


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Follow the link above by clicking the image to view water saving tips from the Manchester Water & Sewer Department.


Click the image above to open a PDF of a rain barrel sale hosted every spring!