Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and decides three specific areas of zoning:

  1. Variances: are needed in cases when a person claims they cannot meet the requirements of the zoning regulations.  Most often these are dimensional variances where some relief to yard, setback or area requirements is sought.  The other common variance is a use variance, where a use not currently allowed in a zone is sought for a property.
  2. Special Exceptions: are applications for uses which may be permitted, but only after the ZBA holds a public hearing and determines that the use is acceptable for the specific property where it is proposed.
  3. Appeals of Orders: The zoning enforcement officer may issue orders to cease construction of a particular project or cease a particular activity or use, or may deny a zoning permit if a building or use does not meet all of  the Town's zoning requirements.  The ZBA hears appeals to those orders.


ZBA-Process Chart(PDF, 132KB)