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Welcome to the Sustainable Manchester Resident Resources page! Click around to explore the topics of Energy, Housing, Environmental Conservation, Transportation, Waste, and Water to learn how you, as a resident, can make a difference!



Transitioning to renewable energy sources can reduce carbon footprints and help secure a sustainable future for current and future generations. Adopting energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions can lead to cost savings on utility bills, making it a practical and financially beneficial choice for households. 

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Click here to view the PowerSmart Green Bank Virtual Info Session recording on rebates, Federal tax credits and tips on buying and installing solar and/or battery backup systems. You may also click the image above to view the slides from the presentation, which contain informative links. 



Follow the link above to explore home energy solutions and offers. 



Explore Connecticut Natural Gas Residential Programs and Rebates at the link above.


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Click the image above to be redirected to a brief questionnaire to learn more about solar options for your living situation.



Follow the link above for information on reducing electricity use and costs from Energy Saver. 



This link above will redirect you to Energize CT, where you can compare costs of electric providers. 



The link above from CT DEEP provides important information on energy efficiency in residential homes. 



Did you know? A green home, also known as an eco-friendly or sustainable home, is designed and built with a focus on minimizing its environmental impact. It incorporates various energy-efficient features, sustainable materials, and technologies that reduce resource consumption and promote sustainable lifestyles. These features can include...

  • efficient insulation
  • solar panels
  • rainwater harvesting systems
  • energy-efficient appliances

Click to our Energy, Water, and Waste resources sections to learn more. 


Diverse housing options and ending homelessness promote social equity and inclusion, ensuring that all individuals have access to safe and stable living conditions. Providing affordable, energy-efficient housing can lead to reduced strain on public resources, improved community well-being, and more sustainable urban development. 

Find Manchester's homelessness resources by clicking the image above.  

Environmental Conservation

Responsible land use can enhance the quality of life for residents by providing recreational opportunities, clean air, and aesthetic benefits, making it essential for sustainable and resilient communities. 

The Town of Manchester hosts an annual spring litter clean-up event and is hosting the first ever FALL clean-up event on September 30, 2023. Click here(PDF, 516KB) for more information and to register. Contact Rachel Schnabel, Recycling Coordinator, at to be added to the litter clean-up event email list. 

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Click the image above to open a PDF guide on identification and control of invasive plants.


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Click the image above to launch the Connecticut Trail Finder. This website allows users to search trails around the state by activity (walking, bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, etc.) or by trail type (nature trail, waterfront trail, pet-friendly trail, bike path).


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Click on the image above to open a PDF listing all of the parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces around Manchester. 


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Click the image above to open a map of the paths and trails around Manchester. 


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Click the image above to open a PDF map of the recreational assets in Manchester. 



Click the photo above to be redirected to the Manchester Recreation Division home page.   


Opting for sustainable transportation options can reduce air pollution, ease traffic congestion, and reduce fuel consumption. Choosing sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, public transit, carpooling, or electric vehicles, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


The link above will redirect you to CT DOT's website with information on public transit and other car alternatives. 



Follow the above link to Charge Finder's website to locate EV charging stations in Manchester.



The link above will bring you to ChargeHub's home electric vehicle charging station installation guide.


Clicking the above image of the Town of Manchester bus will bring you to information about several transportation options offered to Manchester residents.  


Incentives, Rebates, and Credits


Engaging in sustainable waste management practices can reduce landfill waste, conserve natural resources, and minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal. Sustainable waste management contributes to efficient resource utilization, cost savings, and a cleaner community.

Composting food scraps

Residential Food Waste


Sustainable Waste Management Icon

Manchester's Sustainable Waste Management Page



Practicing water conservation at home can reduce water scarcity risks, lower utility bills, and alleviate the strain on local water resources. Residential water conservation contributes to the collective effort to combat water shortages and the broader challenges of climate change.  

Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale The Earth MachineSystern Rain Barrel.png(PDF, 3MB)

Click the image above to open a PDF about an annual rain barrel sale hosted every Spring!

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