Community Development Block Grant


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Manchester Community Development Program Manager:

Heather Guerette, 860-647-3106.

The Town has adopted the following community development goal to determine how CDBG funds will be allocated:

To preserve, improve and revitalize our older neighborhoods, where housing and other needs are greatest and broadest, so they will continue to be livable and attractive neighborhoods.

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Town of Manchester, CT

Substantial Amendment to Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development with funding through the CARES Act provided Community Development Block Grant–CV (CDBG-CV) funds in the amount of $812,580 to the Town. The acceptance of those funds required a Substantial Amendment to the Annual Action Plan for Program Year 2020-2021.  The HUD approved CDBG-CV Substantial Amendment is available on the Town’s website at  

Consistent with the HUD-approved Substantial Amendment, the Town has expended CDBG-CV funding and successfully completed all proposed activities. This Substantial amendment seeks to allocate the unexpended balance to a new activity.  Specifically, the Town seeks to:


The Town had allocated $126,396.11 for the Planning and Administration of CDBG-CV funds. The Town seeks to reduce the Planning and Administration allocation to $48,396.


The Town had allocated $660,183.29 to Public Services.  The Town seeks to increase the allocation to Public Services to $734,216.  


The Town seeks to provide funding to the Human Services Department to undertake a Community Technology Program, designed to provide eligible Manchester households with access to education and technology that: enhances their ability to connect with peers, community supports, and medical providers; increases their understanding of modern and emerging technologies; improves their access to timely and important information about their community, local events and emergencies; and enhances their ability to prepare for and respond to future emergencies, pandemics or other crises. The Town proposes to allocate $96,844 in CDBG-CV funding to this activity.

The proposed activity is in direct response to the impact of COVID-19 and is consistent with the Town’s five-year Consolidated Plan of providing essential services to low- and moderate-income households.

Public comment on the Proposed Amendment will be accepted from Monday, March 18th until

Wednesday, April 17th. A public hearing to obtain input on this Proposed Amendment will be held on Monday, April 1st at 12pm.  In-person participants will meet in the Lincoln Center Hearing Room, 494 Main St. Persons who wish to attend virtually must submit a request to Only those who submit a request will receive a link to join the meeting. Comments will be accepted by Heather Guerette, Planning & Economic Development Department, P.O. Box 191, Manchester, CT 06045-0191
Phone: 860-647-3106.  Email:


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General Information on CDBG

Here are some resources if you would like to learn more about CDBG funding:

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