Development Applications, Regulations and Maps

Our new online application system is now available: If you have questions about using the new system, or if you are not sure what to apply for, please contact Megan Pilla, Principal Development Planner (860-647-3288), or Katie Williford, Administrative Secretary (860-647-3048).



Amendments to Zoning Regulations:

Description Approved Effective Additional Information
DENIED: To allow a higher density of dwelling units in the PRD zone by special exception, if the total number of bedrooms does not exceed 20 per acre  N/A N/A

Proposed Text(PDF, 539KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 824KB)

To permit a limited exception to the maximum signage limitation for medical services  5/6/24  5/28/24

Proposed Text(PDF, 134KB)

Narrative(PDF, 806KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 1MB)

To allow the conversion of vacant school buildings to multi-family residential  3/18/24  4/8/24

Approved Text(PDF, 174KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 364KB)

Cannabis Transporter as a special exception use in the Industrial zone  1/17/24  2/7/24

 Proposed Text(PDF, 699KB)

Town Clerk Exhibit(PDF, 368KB)

For compliance with PA 22-25 and 23-142  11/6/23  11/27/23  Proposed Text(PDF, 5MB)



Sidewalk Plan

In accordance with Article IV, Section 279-31 of the Town of Manchester Code of Ordinances, the Sidewalk & Curb Plan is updated every 5 years.

(PDF, 10MB)Current Sidewalk & Curb Plan(PDF, 10MB)


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