ARPA Information

The Town of Manchester is receiving $24,980,000 in Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.  The following list details the appropriations and uses that have been approved by the Board of Directors. 

(These appropriations are grouped by broad topical categories for the convenience of the reader, and do not reflect the ARPA Treasury Expenditure Codes used for intergovernmental reporting)

Human Service & Public Safety Programming
$1,110,000 Rental Assistance 1st & Last Month Program
$15,000 Social Service Enhancements- Part-Time Social Workers
$525,000 Community Agency Grant Program
$250,000 Human Services Initiatives
$618,000 Non-Congregate Homeless Sheltering
$750,000 Residential Housing Rehabilitation
$75,000 Multi-Lingual Initiatives
$375,000 Police Department Social Services- Community Agency Partnership
$3,500 Senior Center Meal Program Supplies
$100,000 Baby Box Pilot
$20,000 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
$25,000 Veterans Advisory Committee Program 

Town Operations & Services
$500,000 Recruitment, Retention & Training
$750,000 Water and Sewer Supplies & Equipment Inflationary Cost Over-runs
$100,000 Public Health Response Overtime Costs
$1,250,000 Employee Collective Bargaining Agreements
$473,719 Manchester Recovery Fund
$1,350,000 8th District Fire & Sewer Departments Merger
$75,000 Work_Space Operating Grant
$850,000 Board of Education Summer Programming
$75,000 Multilingual Customer Service/ Senior Center Initiatives
$250,000 Police Body Camera Program
$100,000 Police Vehicle Replacement
$250,000 Microsoft 365

Parks & Recreation
$300,000 Land Acquisition- Recreation Trails
$200,000 Upgrade Existing Trails
$75,000 Handball Courts- Charter Oak
$350,000 Skate Park- Charter Oak Park
$100,000 Leisure, Family & Recreation Programming at Schools
$50,000 Work_Space Artist-in-Residence Program
$250,000 New State Road Ball Fields
$20,000 Recreation Department Golf Carts
$100,000 Swimming Outreach & Programming for Under-served Communities
$2,100,000 Charter Oak Expansion
$175,000 Youth Services Bureau Programming
$160,000 Leisure, Family & Senior Center Programming

Economic Development
$1,000,000 Manchester Business Investment Grant
$200,000 Business Signs & Facade Improvements

Town Facilities & Community Infrastructure
$750,000 LED Streetlight Replacements
$300,000 Hilliard Street Bridge Replacement
$400,000 Fiber Optic Network Switches
$100,000 Veterans Monument Upgrades
$25,000 Polling Place Lighting Upgrades
$500,000 Police- Women's Locker Rooms
$200,000 Cheney Hall Capital Improvements
$300,000 Construction & Renovation of Pathfinders Facility
$2,400,000 Water & Sewer Pipe Replacements
$1,800,000 Town Capital Improvement Program- Supplemental Funding
$750,000 Union Dam Repairs
$2,500,000 Vacant School Facility Repurposing