ARPA Information

The Town of Manchester is receiving $24,980,000 in Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.  The following appropriations and uses have been approved by the Board of Directors:

$150,000 Rental Assistance 1st & Last Month Program
$100,000 Social Service/Police Partnership
$15,000 Social Service Enhancements
$25,000 Non-Profit Agencies Enhancements
$18,000 Non-Congregate Homeless Sheltering
$100,000 Public Health Response Overtime Costs
$500,000 Recruitment, Retention & Training
$300,000 Land Acquisition- Recreation Trails
$200,000 Upgrade Existing Trails
$75,000 Handball Courts- Charter Oak
$350,000 Skate Park- Charter Oak Park
$500,000 Police- Womens Locker Rooms
$1,000,000 Manchester Business Investment Grant
$200,000 Business Signs & Facade Improvements
$750,000 LED Streetlight Replacements
$300,000 Hilliard Street Bridge Replacement
$400,000 Fiber Optic Network Switches
$100,000 Leisure, Family & Recreation Programming at Schools
$50,000 Work_Space Artist-in-Residence Program
$750,000 Residential Housing Rehabilitation
$100,000 Veterans Monument Upgrades
$25,000 Polling Place Lighting Upgrades
$75,000 Senior Center Non-English Speaking Resident Outreach
$200,000 Cheney Hall Capital Improvements
$300,000 Construction & Renovation of Pathfinders Facility
$750,000 Water and Sewer Cost Over-runs
$2,400,000 Water & Sewer Pipe Replacements (approved in FY22 rates; appropriation pending)
$125,000 Police Department Social Services (pending appropriation 12/6/22)