Industrial Pretreatment (IPP)

Discharges from Miscellaneous Industrial Users (MIU GP)

Connecticut state law under the authority of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) requires all dischargers of wastewater to obtain a permit for their discharge (CGS Sec 22a-430). The MIU GP provides permit authorization for the discharge of many categories of industrial and commercial wastewater to sewage treatment plants (“POTW”s or “Publicly Owned Treatment Works”) in Connecticut when the discharger is not considered a “Significant Industrial User”.

The MIU GP replaces the General Permit for Miscellaneous Discharges of Sewer Compatible Wastewater (Miscellaneous GP) which expired October 30, 2020. One major change between the MIU GP and the Miscellaneous GP is that notification forms will now be submitted to the “applicable POTW Authority”, which includes the local sewer commission and the sewage treatment plant that receives the wastewater, instead of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). All dischargers of “Miscellaneous Industrial User Wastewater” must comply with the requirements of the MIU GP whether or not they need to submit a Notification Form.

Guidance documents and permit applications are available here(PDF, 6MB). Contact the Town's FOG Pretreatment Coordinator at (860) 647-3117 with any questions pertaining to this program.

Significant Industrial Users (SIU) will continue to register with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

Regulatory Documents

Discharge Notification Form(PDF, 275KB)
MIU GP Final(PDF, 597KB)
Notification Form Instructions(PDF, 213KB)
Professional Certification Form(PDF, 22KB)

Guidance Documents

MIU Facts(PDF, 146KB)
MIU and SIU Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 132KB)
Specific Conditions BMP(PDF, 730KB)
Vehicle Maintenance Log(PDF, 45KB)