Customer Information


Rates as of 7/1/2024:

Water  - $4.17/HCF

Sewer  - $6.74/HCF

For Customer Service and billing related inquires, contact us by phone at 860-647-6050 or by email at


Rate Information

The complete water and sewer rate tables, as of 7/1/2024:

Water(PDF, 167KB)

Sewer(PDF, 123KB)

Real Estate Closing Information

Please fill out our closing form at least 3 days prior to your closing.

Closing Form

For multiple closings, please email a list of addresses in excel or word to, along with your contact information and the date of the closing.

Closing-Policy.pdf(PDF, 124KB)

For any real estate closing water and sewer related questions please call our billing department at 860-647-3135.

Water Assistance Programs

The Connecticut Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP): Eligible households can qualify for up to $1,000 in water assistance if they have disconnected service or are behind on bills. Payment includes all fees and charges if at imminent risk of household water or wastewater service disconnect.

The Deadline for new applications was May 31, 2023. The program is now closed. For information on Energy Assistance Programs or updates on LIHWAP program dates, please visit the Connecticut DSS Energy Assistance Program or your local Community Renewal Team.

You do not need to contact us, once you are approved for the program. We will automatically apply the approved LIHWAP payment to your water account once the payment is received. 

Emergency Assistance Program

Emergency Replacement Program: Manchester's Emergency Replacement Program provides financial assistance for replacement of systems or housing features that, if not addressed, would threaten the health and/or safety of the property's occupants. This includes plumbing repairs for water and sewer. This program is available town-wide to income-eligible properties that meet the rest of the eligibility criteria.  

For more information and on how to apply please: Click here

Water Main Breaks - Discolored Water

Customer-Info-Water-Main-Breaks.pdf(PDF, 543KB)

As temperatures drop in the winter months Water Main breaks become more prevalent. Attached here are detailed instructions for customers who experience a water main break in their neighborhood. Most discolored water or sediment in the water after a water main break is normal and can be alleviated by following a few simple steps inside the home.