Residential Collection

Residential Curbside Solid Waste Collection 

Residential curbside trash and recycling collection is provided Town-wide on a contract basis awarded through competitive bid to a private firm. The current contractor is All American Waste of South Windsor, CT. Murphy Road Recycling holds a contract to dispose Manchester's curbside trash.

For curbside collection questions or complaints, please call 860-647-3200, and select option 1

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Curbside Refuse Collection

Trash will only be collected in the Town-issued containers (Town of Manchester wheeled grey 65 gallon carts). Trash is not collected in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Trash will not be collected if container (cart) is overloaded (the cover must be halfway closed).

Trash must be at the curb at 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day. If refuse is not out on time, collection crews will not go back to pick it up. Your trash will have to be removed from the curb to be picked up on your next collection day.

Town ordinance prohibits trash and/or recycling carts from being placed at the curb prior to 12:00 noon on the day prior to the street's designated collection day and requires the removal of the empty trash and/or recycling cart from the curb by 12:00 noon on the day following the designated collection day.

As of July 1, 2018, residents that wish to utilize more than one trash cart for their dwelling will need to purchase an annual subscription cart through our curbside collection contractor, All American Waste. The annual cost of the subscription cart is $200 ($3.85 per week) for an All American Waste (AAW) branded 95 gallon trash cart. AAW will deliver the subscription cart to your home; you are leasing it from them. To arrange for a subscription, please call All American Waste directly by phone at 860-289-7850 or by email to 

Curbside collections can run late. If your trash was out by 6:00 a.m. but was not picked up by the morning after your collection day, please call 860-647-3200, etc. 1

Curbside Collection Schedule

Click here for the Curbside Refuse and Recycling Pickup Schedule. See "Garbage and Recycling Day Lookup" below to find out your pickup day. 

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Holiday Schedule: There is NO refuse collection on the following holiday dates:

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day (25th)
  • New Years Day (1st)

When one of these holidays occurs on a regularly scheduled collection day, collection will be delayed one day for the rest of the week. For example: If a holiday falls on a Monday, then Monday's collection will be on Tuesday; and Tuesday's collection will be on Wednesday and so on. There also will be a Saturday pickup for Friday's collection. These are the ONLY holidays that result in a change in the collection schedule. Other holidays when Town Hall or schools are closed does not affect refuse and recycling collection.

Garbage and Recycling Day Lookup

Type the name of your street in the box below and hit "Enter" to find the day garbage and recycling is on your street. (NOTE: You do not have to type your street's full name. Typing Broad will return 'Broad Street').