Neighborhood and Families Division

The Mission of the Neighborhood and Families Division

We are here to better serve the needs of Manchester's youth, families, and neighborhoods by coordinating communication among policy-makers, service providers, and the public. We are here to create community partnerships that promote healthy neighborhoods and healthy families!






Contact Us

Neighborhoods & Families Division

Eastside Neighborhood Resource Center

153 Spruce Street, Manchester, CT 06040
By appointment only. Please call (860)647-3089.

All mailings can be sent to:
41 Center Street, P.O. Box 191, Manchester, CT 06045-0191

James Przybylski
Recreation Supervisor
(860)647-3103 /

James Costa
Facilities Director
(860)647-3089 /

Bettylou Sandy
Spruce Street Community Garden Supervisor
(860)647-3089 /

Graph render of a small social location


Department Head

James Przybylski, Recreation Supervisor