Spruce Street Community Garden

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Starting in March, the Spruce Street Community Garden will be hosting free in-person garden learnshops. The event listings can be found on the Neighborhoods and Families Division's Event Page. Please contact (860)647-3089 with any questions.

Virtual Garden Learnshops

Each month, from November to February, a short virtual learnshop will be posted on the Neighborhoods and Families Division's YouTube page. Please see below for supporting documents for each of the entries in the series, as well as the posting schedule. The schedule for in-person garden learnshops can be viewed on the Neighborhoods and Families Division's Events page.

November 2: Putting Your Gardens to Bed
December 1: Stocking Up for Winter
January 4: Growing Food Indoors
February 15: Starting Plants from Seeds

Putting Your Garden to Bed:

Stocking Up for Winter:

Growing Food Indoors:

Starting Plants from Seeds:


The Spruce Street Community Garden began as a volunteer project in March 2014 with a small group of afterschool students from 1st-4th grade. Together, with the guidance of the Spruce Street Community Garden Director Bettylou Sandy, they were able to build, plant and harvest the first four beds for the spring & feast on their own food in June! Some of the student's parents and neighbors adopted these beds to grow in throughout the summer, and in the spring of 2015, the town adopted the garden and started to build more beds through the help of volunteers, grant funding and town support.

In the following years, the garden grew to 28 framed raised beds of various heights. In November 2020, the Neighborhoods and Families Division, in collaboration with Fresh Start Pallet Products and the Town of Manchester's Public Works Department, were able to rebuild the garden as an inclusive and accessible community garden for the East Side neighborhood and the broader Manchester community. The garden now consists of 28 framed raised beds, all of which are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 3 feet high. In addition to the garden bed renovations, the garden also received improvements to its composting system, water harvesting system and a stable footpath.

For more information about the Spruce Street Community or to apply for a bed for the 2021-2022 growing season, please contact James Przybylski at (860)647-3089 or by email at jprzybylski@manchesterct.gov.