Sustainability Commission



Our Vision

A sustainable Manchester is a community taking bold action toward climate justice by reducing emissions, centering equity, and building resilience. A sustainable Manchester integrates environmental and public health, community needs, and economic wellbeing to weave Sustainability into all Town programs, serve as a model for other communities, and benefit all residents, especially those most vulnerable to climate change. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to analyze and make recommendations to initiate or improve Town policies, programs and practices that promote Sustainability actions to ensure that Manchester remains a thriving, efficient, healthy, and vibrant place for its residents of today and tomorrow.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Improve resiliency
  • Reduce emissions
  • Be transformative, instilled in the Town's culture
  • Serve as a model for other communities

Equity is important.  We want to center equity within all actions and for changes to be affordable and accessible. We want to ensure the work of the commission does not have unintended harmful consequences, but rather benefits all. We want to increase awareness about Sustainability, for it to be considered when there are choices, and for it to guide strategy and serve as a framework for investment decisions. Community health, well-being, and the 3 pillars of Sustainability – environmental, social, and economic - are important outcomes for our work.

Our Purpose

The Sustainability Commission is an advisory commission that promotes, encourages and makes recommendations on the development and implementation of Sustainability into all Town operations, both internally in governmental operations, as well as externally in community-wide efforts.

The Sustainability Commission consists of Manchester residents appointed by the board of directors who serve 3-year terms. This is an advisory Commission that promotes and encourages the development, implementation, and interdepartmental integration of sustainability into all Town operations, both internally in governmental operations, as well as externally in community-wide efforts. The Commission works with local, regional, and state agencies to embed diversity, inclusion, and equity into all sustainability topics and considerations for the Town.

The Sustainability Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm (virtual meetings until further notice).

For information on the Town's sustainability initiatives, visit the Sustainable Manchester webpage, linked below. There you will also find sustainability resources for both residents and businesses!

Sustainable Manchester

Sustainability Commission Members

  • Oksan Bayulgen 
  • William Chudzik 
  • Gene DeJoannis
  • Zachary DelGaizo
  • Peg Hackett
  • Patrick McKee 
  • Paris Bazemore
  • Terry Robinson 
  • Jeffrey Schegelmilch
  • Shannon Baldassario


Contact Austin Murray for information on joining meetings virtually.


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