Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission consists of 15 members who serve 3-year terms. This is an advisory Commission that promotes and encourages the development, implementation, and interdepartmental integration of sustainability into all Town operations, both internally in governmental operations, as well as externally in community-wide efforts. The Commission works with local, regional, and state agencies to embed diversity, inclusion, and equity into all sustainability topics and considerations for the Town.

The Sustainability Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm (virtual meetings until further notice).

Sustainability Commission Overview for Prospective Members(PDF, 115KB)

Sustainability Commission Membership List

Name and Term

Harun Ahmed (D) 3 years
Oksan Bayulgen (D)  2 years
Kevin Beals (R) 3 years
Daniella Luna (D) 3 years
Shauna Brown (U) 2 years
William Chudzik (D) 2 years
Gene DeJoannis* (D) 3 years
Zachary DelGaizo (R) 2 years
Jeri Beckford (U) 3 years
Peg Hackett* (D) 3 years
Van Kaini (C) 3 years
Patrick McKee (D) 2 years
Francis Kwane Ntem-Mensah (Y) 2 years
Terry Robinson (U) 3 years
Jeffrey Schegelmilch (U) 2 years

*Co-Chair, D – Democrat, R – Republican, U – Unregistered, Y – Youth C – Citizenship in process


Courtney Lindberg, Deputy Director of Public Works call 805-320-0944.