Winter Weather Reminders

Published on January 12, 2024

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Winter Information Guide

For important information regarding snow removal, parking bans, potholes, clearing sidewalks, storm drains, and fire hydrants, etc., 
view the Public Works Winter Information Guide(PDF, 263KB)

Cold Weather Resources

For resources and contact information for those who are at risk from the cold or un-housed and in need of assistance please visit:
Cold Weather Resources Information

Prevent Your Pipes & Meters from Freezing

For guidance on keeping your pipes and meters safe during winter storms and cold months, please visit:
Frozen Pipes & Meters Prevention

Hydrant Snow Removal

This is a friendly reminder to residents who have fire hydrants on or near their property, to remove the snow around them as soon as possible after the storm. This is a town ordinance in Manchester, but it is important everywhere. Clear a four-foot area in all directions around the hydrant and a three-foot wide path from the street to the fire hydrant. If you know of a resident who has a fire hydrant on their property and is incapable of removing the snow or hasn’t cleared it, please, be a good neighbor and help protect them, yourself, and the rest of your neighbors by shoveling the hydrant out. This good deed will assist the fire department to save valuable time and could help save a life. For more information and other related life safety subjects, please visit: Manchester Fire Department

Mailbox Repair or Replacement Policy

For information on what to do if your mailbox has been damaged by snow/ice plowing operations, please read our Mailbox Repair Policy which includes instructions for submitting a Mailbox Damage Claim form.


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