Water Main Cleaning 2024

Published on March 28, 2024


The Water Department will be flushing water mains in areas of the distribution system. Please click here for the list of streets for this week of flushing. The cleaning program will begin at 7:15 a.m. each day and continue till 3:00 p.m

Fire flow tests and hydraulic capacity tests of the system will also be done during this week in an effort to decrease the disturbances to our customers.  There may be discoloration of water on  occasion and reduced pressure during the flushing process.

If water appears discolored, the homeowner should try to avoid using it until it clears.  This will prevent rust and sediment from being brought into your plumbing system.

If sediment does get into a home's hot water tank, the homeowner should wait until the water clears and then open the faucet at the bottom of the tank to drain the collected material, which will settle at the bottom.

Also, if a load of wash is done during the period of discolored water, the load should be kept wet and re-washed again after the water clears.  Four ounces of cream of tartar should be added to help clean any discoloration of the clothing.

It normally takes a few hours for the water to clear in a home.  If water appears discolored for an extended period, the homeowner should call the Water Department at 860-647-6050.  

Weekly Flushing Schedules:

Week 1(PDF, 50KB)
Week 2(PDF, 97KB)
Week 3(PDF, 52KB)
Week 4(PDF, 17KB)
Week 5(PDF, 30KB)
Week 6(PDF, 98KB)
Week 7(DOC, 24KB)
Week 8(PDF, 96KB)
Week 9(PDF, 52KB)
Week 10(PDF, 52KB)
Week 11(DOC, 38KB)
(DOC, 34KB)Week 12(DOC, 32KB)