Tax Bills Due Jan. 1, 2023

Published on December 22, 2022

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The Town of Manchester will mail Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bills for the October 2021 Grand List on December 27, 2022.

The second installment of taxes on the Grand List of October 01, 2021, and the Supplemental Motor Vehicle List, are due and payable on January 01, 2023.

Failure to pay any tax due January 01, 2023, on or before February 01, 2023, will cause the tax to become delinquent and subject to interest at the rate of 1.5% per month, back to the original due date of January 1, 2023. To avoid interest, payment must be postmarked by February 01, 2023. Payments postmarked after February 01, 2023, will accrue interest. Any delinquent tax is subject to a minimum interest charge of two dollars ($2.00).

Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax or, in the event of delinquency, respective penalties. Taxpayers who do not receive a bill by the end of the first full week of January should request a duplicate from the Collector of Revenue Office or download a copy online at

Real estate and personal property tax bills that have two installments were mailed in June with a separate, detachable payment coupon for the first and second installments. There is no second bill mailed for the second installment as both payment coupons were mailed in June.

The Collector of Revenue Office at the Manchester Town Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We will be open until 6:00 PM on February 01, 2023. Taxpayers have several additional options to make their tax payments. Taxes may be paid online, placed in an envelope, and put in the drop box behind Town Hall (please do not put cash in the drop box), paid via phone by calling 1-844-562-1959, or by mail.

More information is available on the Town of Manchester website at this link:

Taxpayers who have questions or need additional information may contact the Collector of Revenue Office at 860-647-3018 or