Eighth District Customers


After July 1, 2023 the Manchester Water and Sewer Department will assume the sewer system assets and maintenance of the former 8th District Utilities.

Customers in the 8th District will receive invoices that include both water and sewer charges from the Manchester Water and Sewer Department. Sewer charges will be based on water consumption, and invoices will be prorated for the first quarter.  

Please note, that the Eighth Utilities District offices are closed and there will be no future sewer or tax bills from their offices. 

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Merger:

What are the new water/sewer rates after July 1st 2023?

Water rate - $3.86/HCF (Hundred cubic feet)

Sewer rate - $6.24/HCF (Hundred cubic feet)

Why is the sewer rate more than the water rate?

Sewer treatment is more costly than water treatment, it takes more energy, more chemicals to make the water clean enough to return to the rivers and streams.

Sewer usage is based off of how much water is being used. 

Can you show me an example of how the 8th District Merger will affect the average bill?


Can I get a separate meter to deduct the water I use for irrigation from my sewer bill?

No, the Department does not allow deduction meters for irrigation. Customers may, at their own expense, install a separate water line for irrigation purposes that can be separately metered.

Will there be a separate bill for sewer?

No, Water and Sewer will be listed on the same invoice. Sewer is charged based on how much water was used per HCF (Hundred cubic feet). 

Can I get a copy of my bill, or view past bills or pay my bill online?

Yes, visit our Customer Portal at ManchesterCT.gov/water-sewer

Who should I call if I am having a sewer emergency?

After July 1, 2023 Manchester Water and Sewer Department will respond to sewer emergencies in the 8th district by calling our main number or directly by calling the Emergency Line at 860-647-3111.

How can I save money on my water and sewer bill?

Please visit this link for tips on on how to save water, and save money on your water and sewer bills.