Frequently Asked Questions

Mapping/Property Lines

  • Where can I find a plot plan map of my property?
    • Property mapping is available in the Engineering Division Maps and Records Unit located on the second floor of Lincoln Center (494 Main Street) weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The type of mapping available is dependent upon the age of the structure. Newer houses may have a detailed property survey plan on file while older structures may only show the property boundaries. Click here(PDF, 22KB) for available maps and fees.
  • Will the Town survey my property to determine the property lines?
    • No. The Town does not provide survey services for private property. The Town will identify the streetline (the property line depicting the edge of the Town's right-of-way) upon request. Contact the Town Engineer to request.
  • How do I find out what survey control markers are near my project?
    • Contact the Town's Chief of Survey at (860) 647-3156 to obtain survey control locations.
  • I plan to put up a fence along my property. How do I know where to place it?
    • Locating private property liines is the responsibility of the property owner. Often times, property corners are marked with a monument or iron pin. In some cases, these could be located inches below the ground surface. Property mapping available at the Engineering Division Maps and Records Unit may show the location of these markers in relation to fixed features to assist the property owner in physically locating these markers. The most accurate way to identify the property line is to hire a private surveyor.


  • Where can I find out about active road construction projects?
    • Information on active public infrastructure projects can be found here. Questions or comments relating to these projects can be addressed to the Town Engineer or by calling the Public Works Administration office at (860) 647-3067.
  • I see colored paint marks near my property. What are these for?
    • Prior to any construction, contractors are required to mark the project area and call Call Before You Dig to have underground utilities marked for precaution. Therefore these paint markings generally mean some kind of constructon is planned within the next few weeks. The work may be planned by the Town, a utility company or a private contractor.
  • I have an issue with the construction work going on in front of my property. Who do I call?
    • Contact the Town Engineer or the Public Works Administration office at (860) 647-3067 during working hours. If the issue is after hours or on a weekend and needs immediate attention, please call the Manchester Police Department at (860) 645-5500.
  • I have a construction issue with a private development? Who do I call?
    • Construction of private developments falls under the inspection of the Building Inspection Division and/or the Engineering Division. Contact the Public Works Administration office at (860) 647-3067 for assistance.
  • How will I know if a Town construction project will impact my property?
    • You will receive advance notification of any construction project that has the potential to impact your property. Generally, letters are sent out in advance of most construction projects. You may also receive a door hanger notification if work is expected to temporarily impact access to your property or shutoff of water service.


  • How do I know if public water or sanitary sewer is available for a particular parcel?
  • How do I know if natural gas is available for a particular parcel?
  • My sewer is backed up. Who should I call?
    • Contact the Water and Sewer Department at (860) 647-3111. Click here for more information.
  • Where can I find information on water and sewer rates?
    • Click here for water rates. Click here for sewer rates. For further information, contact the Water and Sewer Department at (860) 647-3115.
  • My septic system is failing. Who should I contact?
  • Why is a utility tearing up a newly paved road?
    • The Town coordinates its road resurfacing program with utilities having underground facilities within the roadway so that planned utility construction occurs prior to any road resurfacing. However, in some emergency situations such as a gas or water main leak, the utility must open the road to perform the repair immediately. In these cases, the utility is required to restore the pavement to stricter specifications than an ordinary road patch.


  • Who maintains the sidewalks in front of my house?
    • Section 279-13 of the Manchester Code of Ordinances requires the fronting property owner to maintain sidewalks free from debris, snow, ice or other obstructions. The Town is responsible for the structural maintenance (i.e. repair or replacement of damaged walks).
  • My sidewalk is damaged. Who do I call?
  • When are the sidewalks on my street going to get completely replaced?
    • The majority of sidewalk replacements are scheduled using the Sidewalk Priority Rating System adopted by the Board of Directors in 1990. The ratings are based on need criteria such as proximity to schools, hospitals, arterial roads, etc. and are not based on sidewalk condition. Occasionally, neighborhood specific sidewalk projects are included in the capital projects portion of the Town's adopted budget or the Town is able to secure federal grants for sidewalk replacements to be able to replace sidewalks in areas that would not normally be scheduled for replacement for many years under the Sidewalk Priority Rating System. Contact the Town Engineer for more information.
  • How are sidewalk repairs made?
    • Requests to repair damaged sidewalks are first reviewed by an inspector to determine the type of repair. Minor trip hazards such as an occasional raised sidewalk slab may be grinded to provide a smoother transition. More seriously deteriorated slabs may be replaced with bituminous concrete (blacktop).
  • How do I get my sidewalks replaced with new concrete sidewalks?
    • For residents who live on streets where sidewalk replacements are not planned in the near future and who do not want a temporary bituminous concrete sidewalk repair, the Town offers a 50/50 program where the Town and property owner will share equally the cost of replacing the sidewalk with new concrete sidewalk. Contact the Engineering Division Chief Construction Inspector at (860) 647-5211 for more details.
  • I just had my sidewalks replaced. Are there any precautions I should take?
    • Yes. Fertilizers and salt have an adverse effect on newly constructed sidewalks by causing premature deterioration. Avoid getting fertilizer on sidewalks for at least two months after construction. Also, consider using calcium chloride instead of salt for the first winter following construction.


  • How do I report a streetlight outage?
    • Click here to report a streetlight outage. Unless the issue is related to power supply and requires action from Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P), the issue should be resolved within two weeks.
  • Who owns the streetlights?
    • In 2003, the Town purchased the 4,315 streetlights from CL&P. The Town is responsible for bulb replacement and routine maintenance while CL&P is responsible for power supply. The Town has saved an average of $150,000 per year by purchasing the streetlights.


  • How do I report an issue with a traffic signal?
    • Click here or call the Public Works Adminstration office at (860) 647-3067 to report a traffic signal issue.
  • How can I request a STOP sign be installed on my street?
    • The installation of STOP signs are strictly warranted by State Statute. They cannot be installed at locations solely to control speed. Contact the Traffic Engineer at (860) 647-3151 for more information.
  • What can be done to control the speed on my street?
    • The primary control for speed on streets is police enforcement. The Traffic Engineer can review the street to assure warning signs and speed limit signs are adequate.
  • How can I obtain traffic counts, speed data or signal plans?


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Leaf Collection Program

Each fall, the Town receives many inquiries from citizens regarding the leaf collection program. The following information may be useful in understanding the Leaf Collection Program. If you have questions which are not answered here, please contact the Customer Service & Information Center at 860-647-5235.

  • How can I dispose of my leaves?
  • Residents have four options for disposing leaves:
  1. Residents can rake leaves to the curb for vacuum collection. Do not place leaves in the street or block sidewalks.
  2. You can put the leaves out at the curb in paper bags. Leaf bags can be purchased at the Transfer Station - 311 Olcott St. Yard waste is collected weekly on the day of your regular trash pick up for 10 months of year, beginning on the 3rd Monday in March and finishing on Friday of the 2nd full week the following January.
  3. Residents can also bring loose or paper bagged leaves to the Manchester Transfer Station composting area on Olcott Street year round, Monday through Saturday, from 7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (No brush or plastic bags, please.)
  4. Residents may bring loose or paper bagged leaves to the leaf drop-off site located in the parking lot of 263 Olcott Street from October 11th through December 31st, after 3:00 p.m.
  • Where should I put my leaves for vacuum pickup?
  • Leaves shall be raked to the edge of your property along the street. Do no cover sidewalks or block streets with leaves.
  • The Town has already picked up leaves on my street. Will they be coming back?
  • No, each street will have only ONE vacuum collection. If all the leaves haven't fallen yet and the trucks have been through your street, you still have the option of putting them in paper bags for curbside collection, bringing them to the Transfer Station or after Transfer Station hours at the Leaf Drop-off area, located in the parking lot at 263 Olcott Street. It is possible that leaves on one side of the street will be collected up to two to three days in advance of the other side of the street.
  • What if it snows before the program is over and the leaves haven't been picked up?
  • The Town Highway department will resume leaf collection when weather conditions allow. If we experience significant early snow or cold weather conditions, our leaf machines can no longer be used to collect leaves. The Town vehicles used to pick up leaves are the same vehicles used to plow. Once switched over for snow, they will not be switched back for leaf pick-up until spring. If necessary, in some cases this may require the use of other equipment such as a front-end loaders to remove leaf piles.
  • I'm hiring a contractor to rake my leaves. When should I have him put them out to the edge of my property?
  • Vacuum collection will begin the 8th of November in Area 1, and will begin the 22nd of November in Area 2. The listing of streets in each area can be found on our web site: or follow the link Route Schedule. You can also call the Customer Service & Information Center at 860-647-5235 to find out which area your street is in. We advise that leaves be raked to the edge of your property in advance of the area start date.
  • Why didn't they vacuum in front of my house?
  • The truck might have been full and they returned to the Landfill composting area to empty it or the weather might have interfered. If it snows, the Highway department has to stop the collection to change the equipment on the truck for snow and ice removal. If there were any vehicles parked in front of your house, crews would not have been able to get to the leaves, and will not be returning.
  • Why don't you wait for all of the leaves to fall before starting the collection?
  • With over 750 roads within the Town, we must start early enough to allow time to cover every street before any major weather occurrence.

You can call the Customer Service & Information Center at 860-647-5235 for further questions. Our office is open from 8 am - 5 pm (M-F).