Engineering Permits

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Right of Way Permits and Water/Sewer Permits are issued and overseen by Town staff in the Manchester Department of Public Works, Engineering Division. The Maps & Records Unit Counter is open to the public during normal business hours.

Location: 2nd Floor Lincoln Center at 494 Main Street. 

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM excluding Town Holidays.


Right of Way (ROW) and Water/Sewer Permit requests must be accompanied by a completed and signed application form. A fillable PDF form is available below:

Right of Way & Water/Sewer Permit Application (Fillable)(PDF, 56KB)


Permit Bond

Right of Way and Water/Sewer Permit requests must include a Public Works Surety Bond completed on the Town of Manchester Form below:

Permit Bond Form(PDF, 52KB)



When is a ROW Permit Required?

The following types of operations within the limits of existing or proposed Town right-of-way and easements require a written application for a “Right-of-Way” permit issued by the Public Works Department, Engineering Division before any work can be performed:

  • To construct, repair, install and maintain sanitary sewers, storm sewers, drains, water mains, gas mains, telecommunications and electrical conduits and service connections thereto, driveways, pavement extensions, manholes, inlets, catch basins, fire hydrants, sidewalks, curbs, steps, retaining walls or fences.
  • The temporary storage of equipment or construction materials.
  • To erect and maintain poles, wires, guys cables and other overhead structures by persons other than public service companies regulated or exempted by law.
  • Any other operations which may cause abnormal wear to or deface or damage existing structures, pavement, curbs or sidewalks.


In addition, the following work performed on private property may require a written application for a “Right of Way” permit if:

  • The work involves the traversing or parking of heavy equipment on or across sidewalks, curbs or grass shelves.
  • The work is performed along the frontage of a property.
  • Any other use of the Town’s “Right of Way” beyond its intended use.

When is a Water/Sewer Permit Required?

If you are doing repair or replacement of plumbing inside a structure, a Plumbing Permit from the Town of Manchester Building Department may be required for any work to plumbing fixtures INSIDE the building foundation. For specific questions you should call the Building Department at 860-647-3052.

However, if you are doing any work to plumbing fixtures or pipes that are OUTSIDE the building foundation and if the structure has Water and/or Sewer service provided by the Town of Manchester Water and Sewer Department, you will most likely need a Water and Sewer Permit from the Town of Manchester Water and Sewer Department.

From the Town of Manchester Water and Sewer Department Rules and Regulations, Section 5.02 "WATER AND SEWER PERMIT":

"Any individual making connection to, renewal of, replacement of, repairs to, extension of or termination of any portion of the water distribution system, private fire protection system, private water mains, any water service pipe, the sanitary sewer collection system, sanitary sewer main and/or any sanitary sewer lateral shall obtain a water permit and/or sanitary sewer permit from the Town of Manchester prior to commencing the work."

For ownership purposes, the water service is owned by the property owner from the outside water service shutoff (typically placed at the front property line) to the house, up to the connection to the water meter.

For ownership purposes, the sanitary sewer service is owned by the property owner from the building foundation to the point where the lateral enters the sanitary sewer main, including the tee/wye connection and, if applicable, the chimney structure.

The Property Owner, or his/her designated agent, shall apply for the permit. You are encouraged to submit the permit application electronically to Otherwise, you may make an appointment to bring in the permit to the Engineering Maps and Records Unit located at Lincoln Center, Second Floor, 494 Main Street, by calling (860) 647- 3152.

Permit & Insurance Requirements

Before Permit is Approved the Town of Manchester REQUIRES:

  • Surety Bond: $10,000 on Town of Manchester Form
  • Insurance:
    1. $2,000,000 - General Aggregate
    2. $1,000,000 - Automobile
    3. STATUTORY Workman's Compensation
    4. Town of Manchester listed as Additional Insured
  • Permit Fee: $50.00/each


Effective Date: July 1, 2007 per Town of Manchester Board of Directors

Town of Manchester Regulations

The Town of Manchester's Regulations governing the use and activities within its rights of way and easements under permits issued by the Engineering Division can be found within the following document, also referred to as the "Permits Manual."

Regulations-Governing-ROW-Permits.pdf(PDF, 199KB)




Send completed permit application by email to

or mail to:

Engineering Division
494 Main Street, P.O. Box 191
Manchester, CT 06045-0191