Commendations and Complaints

All members of the Manchester Police Department are committed to providing quality service in a professional and sensitive manner to everyone in our community. We encourage open dialogue and positive interaction to form a partnership which will enhance the quality of life for all.

Commending Exceptional Performance

The best way to commend the actions of a police employee is to complete our online Public Commendation Form, send an e-mail, or mail a letter describing the incident and the actions you think were exceptional. Information such as the date, time and location will help identify the employee if you don't know his or her name. You may also speak directly with an employee's supervisor by calling (860) 645-5500, option #6. Commendations can be mailed to: Manchester Police Department, ATT: Chief William Darby, 239 Middle Tpke East, P.O. Box 191, Manchester, CT 06045-0191, or emailed to

Commendations are placed in the employee's personnel file and although our employees don't expect to be thanked for everything they do, recognition of exceptional service is always appreciated.

Making a Complaint

The Manchester Police Department will accept, document, review, and investigate all instances of alleged misconduct or violations of policy, and will fairly determine the validity of the allegations and take appropriate action as warranted. As a concerned citizen, you are encouraged to speak with a supervisor to file a complaint, but are not obligated to do so.

Anonymous complaints will be accepted for investigation. It is important to know however, that anonymous complaints may detract from the Department’s ability to investigate the actions of its employees and may result in a finding that fails to prove or disprove the allegations set forth. Additionally, there are certain circumstances where, absent a signed and sworn statement from a person alleging the misconduct, the Department may be unable to take appropriate action, even if it is found that the alleged act did occur as reported.

Disputes over the validity of a traffic infraction or a criminal citation are outside the scope of a complaint and should be appealed to the appropriate judicial venue noted on the Infraction or Criminal notice issued.

Please provide the information requested by accessing the Civilian Complaint Report Form listed below in English and Spanish, giving a full description of the circumstances that prompted your complaint.

Please give this completed form to a police supervisor or submit it by:

Chief of Police
Manchester Police Department
239 Middle Tpke East
P.O. Box 191
Manchester, CT 06045-0191



Civilian Complaint Form (English)(PDF, 442KB)

Civilian Complaint Form (Spanish)(PDF, 366KB)