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  Manchester Development Incentives
  • Business Assistance Programs: The Town of Manchester currently offers several small business assistance programs that aim to increase vibrancy and economic opportunity.
  • Downtown Development Incentive Program:  The Town offers targeted tax incentives, including tipping fee rebates and personal property tax agreements, for owners who invest in downtown properties and establish certain types of businesses within the SSD.  Contact Dan Pesce at 860-647-6021 to discuss the program.
  • Tax assessment agreements as authorized under the appropriate provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes in Section 12-65(b). The statutes allow the town to enter into agreements to fix the assessment on real property. Depending on the amount of the investment we can fix the assessment from 50% of the improved value to any point of value for between two and seven years.
  • Personal Property Tax Forgiveness: Through the State's Manufacturer's Assistance Act, the town and the state may grant 100% forgiveness of personal property taxes on all new manufacturing and computer equipment for a period of four years.
  • Negotiation of tax lien sales is authorized under the statutes. The town can sell tax liens for a negotiated price to a buyer or redeveloper of a tax delinquent industrial or commercial property.
  • Employee Training Incentives: The State Department of Economic and Community Development offers various financial incentives to assist with employee recruiting and training needs. Depending upon the particular program, the state would pay for training expenses, salaries during a training period, or both.
  • Industrial Guidelines Program tax agreements: In this program the town can rebate real property taxes for up to seven years to reimburse the costs of public improvements necessary to develop industrial subdivisions.
  • Brownfields Redevelopment: The town can support, or act as the grantee, to secure loans or grants from regional, state, or Federal agencies to assist with site assessments, identification of remediation options, or site clean-up.

Contact Gary Anderson, Director of Planning & Economic Development for more information on incentives (860) 647-3044