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Ancestors Road Show

How do I start or continue my family history research? How do I find probate records? What does this document mean?

You can get help on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., when the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council once again brings their popular Ancestors Road Show(PDF, 111KB) to Manchester Town Hall. In addition, the records vault will be open for tours allowing visitors to see some of the old records of the town.

Six professional genealogists are volunteering their time to provide free 25-minute one-on-one consultations on any genealogical question. The consultants have wide experience in a variety of specialties as well as general research procedures. Family historians can sign up at the Town Clerk’s Office for the opportunity to bring their questions and problems to the event. Participants will complete a questionnaire so they can be assigned to the most appropriate consultant for their problem.

Advanced registration is required. Please stop by the Town Clerk’s office or call (860) 647-3037.

The sponsor’s fee goes to the Donna Holt Siemiatkoski Acquisition Fund, a 501(c)(3) arm of CPGC, which supports Connecticut’s libraries and societies holding genealogical collections. More information at

Genealogy Research

Connecticut General Statute section 7-51a allows a qualified genealogist access to all vital records to conduct genealogical research, except those that are deemed confidential.

Also, records containing social security numbers that are protected by federal law cannot be directly accessed by a genealogist.

  1. Birth records for births occurring after November 1, 1990
  2. Death and marriage records for deaths and marriages occurring after July 1, 1997

To view these restricted records, the social security numbers will need to be redacted first. Staff members will obtain the records for the genealogists upon request.

In order to ensure eligibility, the genealogist must present a valid membership card issued by one of the following Connecticut genealogical societies:

  • Connecticut Ancestry Society, Inc.
  • Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, Inc.
  • Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc
  • Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor, Inc.
  • French-Canadian Genealogical society of Connecticut, Inc.
  • Friends of Godfrey memorial Library, Inc.
  • Gaelic-American Club, Inc.
  • Godfrey Memorial Library, Inc.
  • Indian and Colonial Research Center, Inc.
  • Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut, Inc.
  • Killingly Historical Genealogical society, Inc.
  • Middlesex Genealogical Society, Inc.
  • Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, Inc.
  • Southern Connecticut Ancestry network, Inc. (SCAN)
  • Southington Genealogical Society, Inc.

Researchers are required to provide a government issued identification card to ensure that the person accessing the records is the person named on the genealogy card.

Genealogists are permitted to make notes from all vital records. Issuing plain copies of all vital records is prohibited. If desired, genealogists can purchase certified copies of all vital records for $20.00 apiece.

All researchers are prohibited from using cameras or scanners for copying vital records.



If you are looking up more than three vital records, it is recommended to call us ahead of time so we can have them ready to view. At all times, please come prepared with a list of records you want to view. We are a very busy office and depending on the day, we may not be able to spend the time needed to accomplish your goal for that day. By sending a list of records you want to view, this allows us to better help you in your research. 

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