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The Manchester Youth Service Bureau is a community-based youth serving agency that provides a variety of no-cost programs and services throughout the year, facilitated by our dedicated staff. 


Our purpose is to help develop responsible individuals who make positive contributions to the community.  We can also refer youth to other resources for additional support when necessary. Please contact us directly with questions about programs and services.


Staff Information

Heather Wlochowski - Director


Phone:  860-647-5214; Email:

"I manage a terrific team of talented individuals, engage in program development, collaborate with multiple town departments and outside agencies, stay attuned and adjust to the needs of youth and families in Manchester. I am very passionate and committed to creating opportunities for young people and families to thrive through engagement and long-lasting support. The relationships I have developed with youth and families over the 22 years provide joy and motivation to each and every day."  Fun facts: 1) I am an empath; deeply feel what others feel.  2) I have done two extensive canoe expeditions above the Arctic Circle. 3) I teach at Manchester Community College. 4) I am a Master Trainer for Dylan's Wings of Change (


Catrina Belton – Senior Administrative Secretary


Phone: 860-647-5213; Email:

"I am the first point of contact for youth, parents, guardians, and the public.  I field phone calls and provide information and resources. I also manage the office and perform the administrative tasks that keep our budgets, programs, and the building, running as smoothly as possible. Children live what they learn, if we can help to teach and nurture them and show then how they can grow in amazing ways...they will go far and be successful in life!" Fun facts: 1) I watch anime, read manga, and play video games. 2) I am a dance mom, the kids at my studio also call me mom.


Samantha Bell, MSW - Prevention Program Coordinator


Phone: 860-647-5260; Email:

"I work with young people, educators, health care providers, law enforcement, etc. to address youth substance abuse in Manchester.  You'll often find me in the schools working with students. Manchester is my home. I care deeply about our community, and the people that live here.  I want our youth to grow up in a place where they feel safe, seen, and heard." Fun fact: I am an avid hiker and am always looking for new places to explore. 2) I am a big ole boardgame nerd. Tell me your favorite game!


Sheridan Douglass - Youth Service Coordinator


Phone: 860-647-5216; Email:

"I am inspired to work for the Manchester Youth Services Bureau because it helped mold me into the woman I am today!  As a youth service coordinator, I am a SYELP supervisor, Voices, Employment readiness program, Family circle, case management and other necessary duties around the division.


Kellie Gauvin, MS MFT - Youth Service Coordinator


Phone: 860-647-5262; Email:

"Growing up in Manchester and graduating from Manchester Public Schools provided me with many positive relationships and opportunities.  I have worked for the Town of Manchester for most of my adult life and I am inspired daily by collaborative relationships we've built as a community to support residents, especially youth and their families.  The people of Manchester are what makes our community special and what makes me so passionate about my work. I coordinate the Juvenile Diversion Program, Youth and Police programming, mental health support, family engagement, LGBTQIA+ services, and positive youth development programming/school collaboration (elementary level)." Fun facts: 1) I love to travel and recently ate my way through Italy.  2) I am trained in expressive arts and enjoy using art as a way to promote mental well-being.  3) My best bud is my chocolate lab, Tully.


Shakir Leacock - Youth Service Coordinator


Phone: 860-647-5223; Email:

"I oversee Boys II Men (YSB, MELC at Mahoney after school program), boys council (Bennett, Bentley & MMA), Teen Center, Truancy and individual case management/mentorship. What inspires me to work here is the opportunity to be that person to help young people out at the most important time in their lives. One of my favorite quotes is as a youth worker - We become the adults we needed when we were young." Fun fact: One of my favorite hobbies is writing creatively and I have self-published two books!


Caitlin McNamara, LMSW - Early Childhood Specialist


Phone:  860-647-5269; Email:

"I am inspired to work in Manchester because it is the community where I have chosen to build my home and family. Supporting other young families and children in my own community helps build a strong foundation for those families to thrive through supports and opportunities to learn, socialize, and grow together. When families have access to the supports and resources they need, this creates a better community for all." Fun fact: I enjoy spending time on local trails and at the parks with my family-you can find us there most weekends!


Tasha Weston - Youth Service Coordinator


Phone:  860-647-5215; Email:

"There is so much that inspires me to work here, but my main drive is supporting the community that ultimately supported me. Growing up in Manchester, and now working in this community, has given me the opportunity to ensure that the same support, care, and nurturing that I was given as a youth, is still being given to our youth - ten years later! I see the need in our community for support and so many of the people we service thank us daily for our work, and that keeps me coming back to work, day after day!"  Fun Facts: 1) I love to travel and my most recent international trip was to Africa. 2) As a teen I was a YSB kid, and I was on the Manchester Youth Commission!