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Christopher Silver


Director of Leisure, Family and Recreation Department - 39 Lodge Drive

"I have worked and studied in the field of Parks and Recreation Administration and Management since the age of 17. My personal experiences growing up and working in Manchester have helped shape me into the person and the actions I have and continue to take, and to leave behind a better place for Manchester's future generations. I am the Director of the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation: I provide administrative oversight for the Recreation, Youth Services and Neighborhoods and Families Divisions." 


Calvin Harris

Senior Recreation Supervisor - 39 Lodge Drive

"I believe a community is the driving force to the success of any great town. Our community makes my job fulfilling, enjoyable, and beneficial! I love developing relationships and getting to understand what people want. As a Senior Recreation Supervisor, I assist with the day-to-day operations of the Recreation Division. Permitting of green space - such as ballfields, soccer fields, and football fields. I assist with permitting recreational facilities and special events as well. I oversee youth and adult sports. Fun Facts? 1) I am a sports fanatic....Go, Giants! Go, RedSox! Go, UCONN!  2) My favorite color is blue."


Kathleen McGuire

Senior Recreation Supervisor 
- 39 Lodge Drive

"I believe I have the best job in the world. Helping folks engage in leisure pursuits, activate their free time and enjoy parks and open spaces is a true joy. In my position, I assist with the day-to-day operations of the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation. My days fly by as I manage the administration of the department, working with our fabulous staff to help with aquatics, managing indoor facilities and permitting of special events. I enjoy engaging with our residents and hearing from them about our programs, staff, and facilities. I love to dream of the future and imagine what our town and department may become as we grow and reimagine our spaces, parks, and facilities. Fun Facts? 1) I love to travel and explore new places. 2) I enjoy watching my son play soccer, hiking with my black lab, and binge-watching movies with my hubby.  3) I spend my free time on a beach somewhere or cheering on my beloved New England Patriots!"




Alysia Dumais


Senior Administrative Secretary - 39 Lodge Drive

"Looking to join us here with the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation?  I assist with on-boarding new part time employees, payroll, and accounts payable.  I also assist in a variety of different areas within our department, as needed. Working for a municipality is by and far, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Especially here in Manchester, and with the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation! I love working with people who are visionaries, passionate, and here to make a difference in our community. Fun Facts? 1.) I LOVE bees! They're amazing little creatures!   2) My favorite color is royal blue!"



Colleen Munzu


Administrative Secretary - 39 Lodge Drive

"I love this town and I have lived here since 1970 when I was a child. The town's recreation division is all about bringing the community together through its camps, programs, and special events for all ages." Fun Facts: 1) I love animals. I currently have a black lab named Smokey and a black cat named Ani. 2) I love the beach. I've been vacationing at the Jersey Shore for my entire life!




Recreation Supervisor, Recreation Division - Northwest Park



James Costa


Recreation Supervisor, Office of Neighborhood and Families

"I was born and raised in Manchester. It is incredibly rewarding to me, to give back to the local community, however possible.  From the community gardens to our famer's market series, to all of our other programs and special events, my work is always enriching and exciting! I am responsible for creating and coordinating programs, special events and usage of the Eastside Neighborhood Resource Center. I also manage/oversee Family Fun nights, the Community Garden, and Better Manchester Magazine. Fun Facts?  1) I won my car in a raffle during my senior year at MHS!  2) My favorite movies are: All That Heaven Allows, Punch-Drunk Love, and Twin Peaks: The Return."



Josh Charette

Recreation Supervisor, 78 North Main Street - Community "Y" and Aquatics

"I was born and raised here in Manchester and this beautiful community helped raise me into who I am today. I wanted to be a part of and help give back the opportunities that I was given as an adolescent. I am honored to have this opportunity and look forward to seeing and being a park of this thriving, and evolving community! As a recreation supervisor, I oversee the Community "Y" in the North end of town. This includes the aquatics programming, and the Park Ambassadors at Charter Oak Park. I coordinate special events, such as our annual Holiday in the Park and the Fall Festival. I facilitate the Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor classes as well as the CPR/First Aid trainings.  Fun Facts? 1) I was a cast member at Walt Disney World! 2) I married my high school sweetheart who I met while working (early on) for the recreation department."


Taylor McBride

Recreation Supervisor, Mahoney Recreation Center and Summer Camps

"My faith gives me a clear sense of purpose, which is to serve others. Every day we encounter different people with their own unique stories, and it is our duty to love and encourage one another despite our differences. I strongly believe that we are all stronger when we stand united, rather than divided. We should make a conscious effort to contribute to the growth of our community and help others with love and intention. As Nipsey Hussle said, "Life is a Marathon," so every day we should ask ourselves, "How can I show up for myself, my family, and my community?" We need to be mindful of our thoughts and get out of our own heads to see the bigger picture of the blessings in life.  Fun Facts? 1) I proudly wear hearing aids, as I was born with mild sensorineural hearing loss. However, I used to feel embarrassed about it when I was younger. 2) I played basketball at ECSU. In 2015, our team reached the NCAA DIII Sweet 16! I was awarded the Little East Conference (LEC) Defensive Player of the Year.