Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Creating better communities around the world begins with a commitment to equity and inclusion.

As a proudly diverse community, The Town of Manchester has developed an integrated strategy, implementation framework, and action plan to enable the Town to reach its goal of increasing inclusive community engagement in Manchester and ensuring that the Town reaches and engages residents from historically marginalized communities.

In many respects the issues that our communities are facing in the wake of Covid-19 are in no way new. The problems of food insecurity, economic hardship, and disparities in access to healthcare and public services have always existed; this pandemic is just the most recent event that has brought this uncomfortable truth back to the top of a constantly shuffling deck of uncomfortable truths. In an effort to disrupt the cycle, the Town of Manchester looks to the work of the Equity and Inclusion Collaborative, a group of volunteers that represent an exceedingly diverse cross-section of the community.

Read the Community Engagement & Inclusion Strategy from the Manchester Equity & Inclusion Collaborative(PDF, 1MB)

The 2023 Budget includes the following DEI investments:
  • Increases funding for DEI coordinator, maintain centralized funding for other DEI efforts.
  • Expands hours for Spruce Street Farmer’s Market.
  • Elimination of Library fines that disproportionally affects low-income and marginalized communities.

In 2021, the Town dedicated a portion of its initial COVID vaccines to neighborhoods and populations with high social vulnerability index scores.

In 2020, all full time employees for the Town of Manchester participated in Equity 101 workshops.

In 2019, the Town hosted several community discussions on race and equity.

Read the Annual Report on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Manchester CT (PDF, 592KB)

Through the Office of Communications and Civic Engagement, the Town continues to work on proactive engagement strategies to solicit feedback and input from all neighborhoods in Manchester.

For more information on Manchester's Equity & Inclusion Collaborative, please contact The General Manager's Office

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