Northwest Park Pavilion Rental


Renter’s Guide to Northwest Pavilion

Northwest Park Application and Rules Form


Once live, the link below will contain an Application and Rules Form that every applicant must fill out.  Below on this web page are detailed instructions on how to get started, information about pricing, and FAQs. At the bottom of this page are additional PDF links to Rules and Regulations, Grill information, and the online application form.

Northwest Park Application and Rules Form

Here at Northwest Park, we take pride in our waterside pavilion, complete with a full kitchen, covered picnic tables and restrooms, and optional 60” commercial grill. The Northwest Park Pavilion is a great choice for any birthday, reception, party, or event you may be planning! The information below will assist you through the process for reserving this location for your event.

If you have further questions, please contact the Pavilion Coordinator for Northwest Park at 860-647-3075 or by email at


What is the process for renting the Pavilion?

Step 1.Preparing your Account: Confirming/Creating a Manchester RecTrac Account

If you have never set up a RecTrac account with the Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation, you must start with this step prior to submitting an application for use of the pavilion.

*If you are NOT a Manchester, CT resident, please call (860) 647-3084 to set up your account.

*If you 
ARE a Manchester, CT resident, you will need to come on-site to create your household (just this first time!) Our office requires a proof of residency process, in order for you to obtain the reduced resident rates!  You can visit one of the following locations to do this: Center Springs Lodge (39 Lodge Drive), the Community Y Rec Center (78 North Main Street) or the Customer Service Center at Town Hall (41 Center Street).

Step 2.Complete the Application

Once you've set up your account, the application and rules form will be your next step. This form is located at the bottom of the page along with PDF versions of the Rules and Regulations, Grill Information, and FAQ's. 

Please be sure to read the application in its entirety.  Missing information could both delay the processing of your application and the likelihood of receiving your requested date!  (Dates FILL FAST and they are first come, first served!) 

Step 3.Approval Process

Once you’ve reviewed the rules and regulations and completed your online application, an automated email will be sent to the pavilion coordinator. At this point, the coordinator will verify the application entry and confirm to make sure the date is available.

  • If the date IS available, you will receive an email from the pavilion coordinator confirming receipt of your application. At this point, you are required to follow-up with payment, as soon as possible, to finalize/secure your booking. Please note, this email will NOT hold your reservation date.  Failure to make payment in a timely fashion could result in the date being booked by someone else.
  • If the date is NOT available, you will receive an email from the pavilion coordinator notifying you that the date requested is not available. Please follow up with the pavilion coordinator if another date is being considered or if you no longer want to proceed with the application.
  • If there is an issue with an application or more information is needed, you will be contacted by the pavilion coordinator as soon as possible to ensure we can move forward with your rental.

Step 4.Payment/Processing

Now that you’ve submitted an application with the rules and regulations, and provided your information to the pavilion coordinator, payment can be processed to secure your reservation. Payment must be made in full. Only applications with full payment will be reserved. There are no partial payments, however, different payment types (cash, check, MasterCard or Visa) on one reservation are allowed.

If paying with Credit Card: You can call the Northwest Park Pavilion Coordinator and pay over the phone. This is the fastest and most efficient option. We only accept Visa or MasterCard.
If paying with Check: You can make a payment by check, made out to the “Town of Manchester” with “NWP Pavilion Rental” in the memo line.
If splitting payment between Cash/Check/Card: You can pay across multiple payment types, however this may affect the timeliness of the deposit refund. It is recommended that if splitting the cost over different payment types, that you pay the deposit on a Credit Card to ensure a timely deposit refund.

Please Note: To ensure your deposit refund is processed immediately after your event, a credit card payment option is recommended for the deposit. Other payment forms take longer to process the refund.

Once payment is confirmed you’ll received an email with a receipt of the transaction as well as the reservation details with a follow-up communication from our coordinator the week of your event. This emailed receipt is your event permit. Please try and have this available at the event just in case there are any questions or concerns.

The Week Before Your Event

Payment has been finalized and your event is a week away: the pavilion coordinator will reach out to you the week of your event to confirm start and end times and any other pertinent details.

You need to provide the time you will be there to meet the Pavilion Coordinator in order for them to give you responsibility of the Pavilion. You also need to let the coordinator know a general end time so they can come and lock up.

Your Event, Before & After

Before the Event:
The day of your event, the pavilion coordinator and/or his or her designee, will arrive to Northwest Park to unlock the pavilion and provide a facility walk-though. Additionally, a cleaning crew will clean and sanitize the bathrooms and kitchen prior to your use. It is encouraged that you arrive on time.  Once the coordinator has met with you, provided a facility walk-through, and confirmed contact information, the pavilion becomes your responsibility during the duration of your reservation.

During the Event:
Enjoy the facility and the park for your event. If any issues arise, the pavilion coordinator and/or his or her designee, will be on call and provide a contact number for you during during your event.

Post Event:
At the end of your event, you are responsible for returning the pavilion to the state you found it. This means the kitchens, bathrooms, and pavilion area are free from trash, food waste, decorations, and anything else brought in for the event. It is imperative that your event (including clean up time) ends no later than 8:00 PM. The pavilion coordinator will return to the pavilion to inspect and close up the facility by 8:00 PM. Any event that exceeds this duration will risk losing their deposit and rental rights in the future.


Please scroll back up for more information on payment, deposits, and FAQs

What are the Pavilion Fees and Deposit Amounts?

Fee Schedule

All applicants are required to pay a $200 security deposit, regardless of group status. To find more information, please see below: Deposit Refund.

Below are the estimated costs for each user group. Prices may vary depending on the addition of grill, previous credits, etc. These costs include security deposit and rental fee. Weekdays are Monday - Thursday, Weekends are Friday - Sunday

Resident Rates

Weekday: $350 (Half Day) // $500 (Full Day)

Weekend:$500 (Half Day) // $800 (Full Day)

Non-Resident Rates

Weekday: $500 (Half Day) // $800 (Full Day)

Weekend:$600 (Half Day) // $1,000 (Full Day)

Non-Profit Rates

Weekday: $300 (Half Day) // $400 (Full Day)

Weekend: $400 (Half Day) // $600 (Full Day)

Rental availability is based on rental time blocks; 8 AM – 1 PM, 2 PM-8 PM, each being a Half Day. If you wish to rent the facility for a Full Day, or if your time dips into both time blocks, you will be charged for two time blocks.

Deposit Refund

The previously paid $200.00 refundable deposit will be returned to you after your event IF all pavilion rules and regulations are followed.

At the end of your event, the pavilion coordinator will confirm the status of the facility with you after an inspection. Reasons for a loss of deposit may include (but are not limited to): damage to park property, theft of park property, excessive trash/litter, failure to vacate/clean-up by 8:00 PM, alcohol/drug consumption/use, etc. Breaking any rule from the Rules and Regulations you signed off on could result in full loss of deposit.

Card Refunds: The card used to make the deposit payment will receive the full amount of the refund (as long as the pavilion coordinator deems so) after the event, and you will receive an emailed receipt confirming this action took place. Please note: this process can take 3-4 days.

Cash/Check Refunds: The refund will be processed by the Town of Manchester Accounting Department, with a check mailed to the address provided in the reservation application. Please note: this process can take up to 3 weeks.


Please scroll back up for more information on the rental process and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


I tried to submit my application, but the link isn’t working! Why is that?

A: If this is being asked before April, it is because the application is intentionally not working. We do not accept applications before the season has opened. If it is AFTER April, please contact the Pavilion Coordinator directly by email at



Can you reserve a date for me before I pay and submit an application?

A: No. There are about 100 residents who apply each year for the Pavilion and that doesn’t include the Town using the space as well for events. The only way to hold or reserve the Pavilion is by paying the full rental fee and completing the Application and Rules form.


I rented last year; do I have to fill out the application and rules again?

A: Yes. The rules and application process changes, so every year, you need to resubmit all of your information for new events.


I’m renting for our non-profit, why am I being charged the more expensive Resident/Non-Resident fee?

A: You need to contact the Main Office at 39 Lodge Dr in Manchester (860-647-3084) and check your non-profit status. You may need to resubmit paperwork.



I’m throwing a work picnic; can we bring some beers?

A: No. Your party will be immediately shut down if alcohol is present, and if it is unsafe, the local authorities will be called. If alcohol use is hidden, but the Pavilion coordinator finds evidence (beer bottles, empty drink containers, visually witness a member of your group drinking), you will also be penalized. Alcohol consumption at a Pavilion event leads to the immediate end of the party, a loss of deposit refund ($200), and a ban from using Manchester facilities.



Can I bring a DJ/Speakers?

A: That is fine as long as the volume is at a reasonable volume and you are playing appropriate music. Northwest Park is a Public Park with lots of children and families. If the town get’s a complaint about loud or inappropriate music, it will be shut down.


Can I bring a food truck?

A: Yes, if you want to rent a food truck for your event, you must make the Pavilion coordinator aware so they can direct you/them where to park.


Food trucks will be parked in the Cul-de-sac closest to the Pavilion, and patrons of the party can walk to the food truck parked on the road.



Can I bring a bounce house/slip and slide?

A: No. The Town of Manchester will occasionally have events at Northwest Park, including at the Pavilion, where bounce houses are used. This is after proper approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation and insurance is provided. Slip and slides unfortunately can ruin the grass in front of the Pavilion, and the town hosts events in that area as well. There is no spigot for water outside.


Why can’t I use balloons/water balloons/confetti/party poppers?

A: Balloons and Water Balloons get left behind and when it’s hot in the summer, the rubber sears to the blacktop and concrete. The wildlife of the park, as well as the people who have to clean it, do not benefit for excess trash created by confetti, balloons, etc.



Is it okay if we end our party a little later then 8pm?

A: No. The park closes at 8pm every night. Your party should be cleaned up and your group should be ready to leave and be inspected by 8pm. The job of the Pavilion Coordinator is to lock all the doors and turn off the lights by 8pm. If you are not finished cleaning up, your focus is the bathrooms and kitchen so the Pavilion Coordinator can lock up and turn off the lights and leave. This could result in loss of deposit.


I reserved the 8am – 1pm timeslot, but I think our party might run a little late, can we do 8am – 3pm?

A: If there isn’t a party reserved during the 2pm – 8pm timeslot, yes! However, you will be charged another $XXX depending on your fee schedule (resident, non-resident, non-profit). If you do not want to be charged, the Pavilion Coordinator will need to lock up the bathrooms and kitchen by 1pm.


Last year for my event, I was allowed to do X, Y, Z. Why can’t I do that now?

A: There are a lot of changes to the rules and a lot of learning experiences for the Pavilion Coordinators every year. Some things that were allowed last year, or years prior, will not be allowed in the season of 2023. This isn’t to say you can’t ask the Pavilion coordinator or try inquire, but if the answer is “no” to something, there is a reason.



I don’t need the kitchen or bathrooms, do I still need to pay for the Pavilion?

A: It depends! If you want to reserve the pavilion space, under the roof with the tables, you will still need to pay the full fee. If you want to roll the dice and see if no one is using it and use the space yourself, you are welcome to! It is a public park, and the Pavilion area can be used by anyone! However, if an event has been rented and another group has paid for it, your party/event will need to IMMEDIATELY evacuate for the party that has paid for the space.



What do I have to do to get my $200 deposit refunded back to me?

A: Follow all the rules. The most common cause of loss of deposit isn’t damage to the Pavilion, but groups leaving trash. It is not the Town’s nor coordinator’s job to clean up after your event. The Town is responsible for making sure everything is clean and ready BEFORE your event. The second most common loss of deposit is use of Alcohol. If any alcohol is found being used by you or a member attending your event, you will lose all $200. The third most common loss of deposit is disrespecting/not listening to the Pavilion coordinator on duty. If they ask the group to clean up an area or ask them to wrap up, and it is met with anger or they are ignored, the deposit will be lost.

Please scroll back up for more information on the rental process, payment, and deposits

For more information, please contact the Pavilion Coordinator at 860-647-3075.

Pavilion Rules and Regulations(PDF, 3MB)

Grill Rental Information(PDF, 178KB)