Curbside Bulky Waste Collection

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2017, the Town has contracted with All American Waste for residential collection of certain bulk items. Residents must call 860-647-3200, ext. 2 to schedule pick-up by no later than 2:00 P.M. on the business day before your regular pick-up day. Each dwelling unit that is serviced by the Town’s program will receive two (2) free Bulky Waste collections over the Town’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1st through June 30th. Additional collections can be scheduled in advance for a cost of $40.00. Bulky materials placed out for collection without a scheduled appointment will receive a Customer Education Tag, and potentially a Notice of Violation depending on if the materials are eligible or ineligible for curbside collection. This cost must be paid in advance to All American Waste. Bulky materials can also be delivered to the Transfer Station by residents for disposal for a nominal fee; proof of residency is required for the Transfer Station. Scheduled pick-ups are needed for the following categories, please see below for additional descriptions and information:

  • Furniture
  • Prepared Carpeting/Rugs; rolled, bundled & tied/secured,
    each bundle must be no longer than 4 feet & weigh no more than 40lbs.
  • Bedding – Mattresses and Box-Springs
  • Whitegoods/Appliances
  • Covered Electronic Devices – Televisions, Computers, Monitors and Printers
  • For $10.00 each, Toilets and Sinks can be collected with advanced payment to All American Waste.

Please note that these items will be collected by a truck or trucks that are different than the automated garbage truck that collects the trash in your container.

The following materials are no longer eligible for Bulky Waste collection, but may be disposed of as recyclable items at the Transfer Station; proof of residency is required: Scrap Metal, Motor Oil, Car Batteries.

Scrap Tires - are no longer eligible for curbside collection. The Town recommends disposing of them at an automotive center as part of the purchase of new tires, or they may be disposed of at the Transfer Station for a nominal fee.

Please click here for our press release on this change(PDF, 125KB).

Solid Waste, including any and all Bulky Waste, is prohibited from being placed at the curb/sidewalk prior to 12:00 noon on the day prior to the street's designated collection day and requires the removal of any remaining solid waste from the curb by 12:00 noon on the day following the designated collection day. Also, Solid Waste placed at the curb may not block or create a safety concern for any and all part of a sidewalk per Town of Manchester Code chapter 209-4. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a fine.

Please Note: Any materials that are placed at the curb that do not qualify for curbside collection under these regulations are subject to a Notice of Violation and removal by the Town at the expense of the property owner. Please click here to learn more about this procedure.

The following items are NOT collected at the curb:

  • Any items related to home improvement or home remodeling including; doors, windows, cabinets, building materials, countertops, bathtubs, lumber, shingles, plaster, sheet rock, pipe, sheds, fencing, dirt, stones and rocks, hazardous and toxic materials, bowling balls, auto parts (other than tires and rims), stumps and roots.
  • Bagged and/or loose trash of any type. Trash is only collected in the Town issued containers (wheeled toter carts). Trash is not collected in cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
  • Scrap Metal, Scrap Tires, Used Motor Oil, Lead Acid Batteries (May be properly disposed off at the Town's Transfer Station).
  • Any other type of business, commercial or industrial waste that does not originate from the residence.

If you have any questions about these rules and regulations, please contact the Sanitation Division at 860-647-3200, option 4.