Assessment and Collection

The mission of the Assessment Office is to estimate the fair market value of all real estate, personal property, and motor vehicles, to establish the fair and equitable levy of local property tax. Property is assessed in each town as of the October 1st assessment date. The town implemented a revaluation for the October 1, 2021 Grand List. The next revaluation is scheduled for October 1, 2026.

The Collector of Revenue Office is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes, personal property taxes, motor vehicle taxes, water & sewer usage, and parking tickets.

The town’s October 1, 2021 Grand List:

 General Fund mill rate is 31.42 (District E);

Town Fire Service mill rate is 4.70, resulting in 36.12 (District T);

Downtown Special Services District mill rate of 2.88, resulting in 39.00 (District S).

The State of CT capped the motor vehicle mill rate at 32.46.

Payments or documents can be placed in an envelope in the drop box near the handicapped entrance to Town Hall. Please write your name and phone number on your envelope and seal your envelope. NO CASH PLEASE!


 Appeal My Assessment- Info and Application to Board of Assessment Appeals