Become a Brand Partner


Participate in the celebration of Manchester's 200th by becoming a brand partner. Use any of the official bicentennial brand artwork below designed for this celebration to dress up your organization and/or to include in any of your marketing and promotional materials. 

To include your event, program or project in all Bicentennial marketing materials, click here to complete the Brand Partner Form.


Primary Bicentennial Logo

manchester-logo-primary.jpg(PNG, 379KB)

Download the Logo (jpeg)(JPG, 160KB) / (png)(PNG, 379KB)

This is the primary celebration logo and is acceptable for most applications. Please see below for the use guidance. JPG and PNG files of the primary bicentennial logo have been made available. 

The bicentennial logo cannot be used for the purposes of generating revenue for your organization unless authorized by the Town of Manchester.

Modified Bicentennial Logo

These shortened versions of the primary logo are best suited for smaller applications and for situations where space is a concern.

Modified Logo

Bicentennial_logo_modified-01.png(PNG, 51KB)  Bicentennial_logo_modified-02.png(PNG, 48KB)  Bicentennial_logo_modified-03.png(PNG, 53KB)  Bicentennial_logo_modified-04.png(PNG, 27KB)

Email Signatures

PowerPoint Template

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

The virtual backgrounds provided can be used for Zoom. Make sure the "Mirror my video" box is checked in your preferences. The image preview will appear backwards to you, but will appear normal to others.

Background V1(JPG, 120KB) / V2(JPG, 236KB) / V3(PNG, 264KB)

Social Media

Facebook Cover Photo Template

Bicentennial_facebook_cover-photo.png(PNG, 130KB)

Bicentennial_facebook_cover-photo2.png(PNG, 142KB)

Bicentennial_facebook_cover-photo3.png(PNG, 149KB)

Facebook Profile Photo Template

 Bicentennial_facebook_profile.png(PNG, 44KB)